Owners - Rob & Michelle Heun
High Lake Lodge is
"Heaven Above Devil's Canyon"

A unique location for a family reunion, fly-in fishing trip, unguided hunt, or quiet get-away! Pagers and cell phones are conveniently out of range. Emergency communication is always available.

Michelle cooks spectacular meals for guests and keeps the cabins clean and well stocked. Our amazing staff see to the everyday operations of the lodge, equipment and grounds. You will truly enjoy their warm, down to earth hospitality.

Try one of our favorite recipes,

Compliments of High Lake Lodge

"Trail Mix Trout"

Place one clean rainbow trout on foil large
enough to wrap entire fish. Mix the following ingredients:


Roll fish in crushed bread crumbs
2 slices of real butter
2 spoonfuls of chopped onions
Fresh apple slices
Salt & pepper
Handful of trail mix/dried fruit
Stuff the rainbow with all the ingredients, wrap in foil, and place on the grill or coals until flaky.

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